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Following are some of QLK software products.
DeEnvios Money transmit software is designed to speed up the process of entering, compiling and processing money transmit services.

* Using the power of the Internet to instantly transfer funds anywhere in the World ... Details... 


StoreProgram is one of the most easy to use shopping cart programs that prevents confusion and mistakes caused by other complex programs. 

StoreProgram collects the orders, performs initial verifications and saves them for you to process later.

IMS Inventory Management system is designed to offer inventory control and management where remote access to the information by managers and customers is required.


HotBake BMS Bakery management system is a simple invoicing and order processing program for bakeries. The new version of this program is designed to be Internet based and give option to customers to update their own standard orders remotely via any internet connection.


Pearlish is a contact management, phone book and information database for real-estate agents. Agents can store, update or view their own information from anywhere with an Internet access. Click here to view a fully working, free trial demo of Pearlish.
PMS  private messaging system is a private email system for communication among the members or employees of an organization.

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