Pearlish (web based Real-Estate contact management)

Maintaining customer information and property information for easy and quick access is a vital task of every real-estate agent. An On-line database is a perfect solution for accessing the information from home, office or on the road as long as you have access to a computer with Internet access.

This application can be customized to work with your existing website or be linked to your website. Pearlish can be for one agent or the entire office with options to share "For Sale" information.

The highlights of the Pearlish program are:

  • Pearlish is accessible via the Internet.

  • Agents can remotely view or update their information.

  • Pearlish can store both buyer and seller information.

  • Pearlish does not require any special hardware and works with any computer with Internet access including but not limited to IBM compatible systems and Macintosh with any version of Internet explorer or Netscape higher than 4.

Click here to view a fully working, free trial demo of Pearlish.