BMS (Bakery management system)

BMS Managing orders, packaging and invoicing for bakeries is more challenging than any other business. The concept of weekly standard order is a good step toward simplifying order processing for bakeries, however need to change the standard order and daily updates of orders poses a new problem that requires hours of work each day.

We develop BMS programs with the idea that customers must be able to remotely update their own order. Customers must also be able to see their financial records with the bakery and have access to an up to date statement.

The highlights of the BMS program are:

  BMS is accessible via the Internet.

Customers can remotely update their orders.

Owners and managers can remotely observe and control the orders, sales and deliveries.

Workers can print an updated daily packing list at the last minute.

Bakery office can print invoices and statements for the customers.

Daily invoice and statement can automatically be emailed to customers.

Customers can remotely view and print their own invoices and statements.

 To order your custom built BMS program contact us today. We develop a program to meet your requirements.